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Company Background

Corderie Lorenzi - a family business

In 1992, Richard Lorenzi started producing ropes with second-hand machines in his attic!

Today, the company is producing high-tech items at its 1,200 m2 facility in the heart of the Vosges mountains in eastern France and ships them to clients all over France and worldwide

Corderie Lorenzi - a renowned company

Thanks to Philippe and Flora Lorenzi, Richard and Pierrette’s son and daughter-in-law, the Corderie Lorenzi company has become a reference in various sectors, namely vineyards, furnishings, buildings, leather craft…

They have a skilled team that understands and responds perfectly to its customers’ needs thanks to their knowledge and expertise in materials: string is a key element in all of Corderie Lorenzi’s clients’ activities.


The CORDERIE LORENZI in a few figures

The Corderie Lorenzi company exports around 20 % of its production. This figure is expected to double in the next three years through sales of specially designed products.
Currently, the company is producing at a rate of 1,200 kg daily and expects to increase its output in the next few years.


of export turnover

1200 kg/d

Production per day


year of creation

Production Equipment

The company currently owns:

production de fil corderie lorenzi

Inventory management & Response rate

Inventory management & Response rate

stock Corderie lorenzi

The Corderie Lorenzi company holds a large in-store stock of twines and ropes, both hemp and synthetic, enabling short delivery times to businesses or individuals.

investissement Corderie lorenzi

The company is committed to investing heavily in continuously renewing and modernizing its machines to keep pace with the latest advances in technology, and hence remains competitive and continues to grow.