A rope is a generic marine term designating the ropes that are used for the maneuvers of boats, riggers, mooring lines, halyards, sheets, shrouds, etc. In the ancient sailing navy, some ropes, especially sleepers, were tarred.

Synthetic fiber

Polypropylene or polyester or polyamide ropes

Synthetic rope

Cordage synthetique : corde a fil neige, amarrage, hisser voile, chapiteau

Used in construction (pulleyed rope, chalk line), for ski resorts (rope tow), for the marine industry (mooring rope, hoisting sails), to tie structures (big tops, inflatable structures, protective canvas)

– Material: 100 % synthetic, polypropylene or polyester or polyamide
– Resistant and stiff
– Colours: blue, white, red, orange, green – other colours available on request
– Diameters: from 3 to 40 or 50 mm – other diameters on request

Deliverable in crown of 100 m

Rope core Polypropylene

Cordage ame en polypro fabrication de cable en acier (arcelor mittal)

Used for core wire, for manufacturing steel cables.

– Material: 100 % polypropylene
– Resistant and very stiff
– Diameter: from 2.6 mm to 24 mm, other diameters on request


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Natural fiber

Ropes in 100% cotton, biodegradable

Coloured ropes for decoration

Cordage de decoration colore

Intended for upholsterer, interior decorator, wallpaperer, artists for various creations: handrail, curtain loop for curtains, furnishing decoration…
In leather craft for handles of bags.
In decoration, this rope can be used to replace corner beadings.

– Material: 100% cotton, biodegradable
– Resistant and flexible
– Diameter: 10/12/14/16/18/20/22/24/26 mm
– Colours: ruby, green, beige, blue, red, other colours on request

Deliverable in crown, length on request.

Cotton rope

corde coton utilisée dans la maroquinerie pour la confection d'anses de sacs par exemple

Used in leather craft for the manufacturing of handles of bags for example

– Material: 100 % natural, biodegradable
– Resistant and stiff
– Diameters: 6/8/10/12 mm

Deliverable in crown of 100 m and more on request

Pulleyed rope with hook

Cordage a poulie avec crochet et linguet de sécurité fabricant corderie lorenzi

Used in the building sector for pulleyed rope with hook and safety latch

– Material: 100 % cotton, biodegradable
– Resistant and stiff
– Diameter: 20 to 22 mm

Deliverable in crown of 20, 40, 50 m

Seven strand hemp rope

Cordage septain en chanvre pour main courante fabricant corderie lorenzi

Used in decoration, handrail

– Material: 100 % natural, biodegradable
– Resistant and semi-stiff, easy to handle.
– Diameter: 32 mm

Deliverable in crown, personalised length on request

Hemp rope

corderie lorenzi fabricant de cordage en chanvre Utilise dans le batiment poulie, amarrage, pour hisser les voiles

Used in the building sector (pulleyed rope, chalk line) in the marine industry (mooring rope, to hoist sails)

– Material: 100 % natural, biodegradable
– Resistant and flexible
– Diameter: 6/8/10/12/14/18/20/22

Deliverable in crown or 100 m or more on request